Natural Healing and the Divine Feminine

Herbal wonderland
Herbal wonderland

Natural healing, the Mother and Goddess are all interwoven in their essence. A long conversation with a friend last night revealed the possibility that people’s resistance to or skepticism of natural healing ties deeply into their disconnect with the Goddess / Divine Feminine of Earth and of Creation as whole.  In the patriarchal view of life that has dominated humanities global society for centuries, respect of the Feminine, Goddess and Mother Earth have largely been put aside.  This manifestation based on misguided beliefs has resulted in the mistreatment of women and of nature in innumerable ways.  

It has also manifested in the turning away from natural healing methods – many which are gifts of Mother Earth – and a turning to a patriarchal, make it in the laboratory mentality.  Yet now the Divine Feminine is returning to Earth and being once again embraced by those who are waking up and returning into harmony in their mind/heart connection. As this occurs people are once again turning back to an honoring of natural and holistic healing methods.


Gone are the days of burning women as witches because of their advanced knowledge of healing. More and more people are realizing the great blessings of natural & holistic healing methods and their availability to all through the restoration of sustainable gardening and the natural diversity of our wild lands.  Many challenges are facing humanity and all kingdoms of life on Earth.  Most of them have been created by choices made by humanity consciously or unconsciously. 

Basket of medicinal herbs collected from garden
Medicinal Herbs from Garden

Yet at the same time the intuitive voice of the feminine within people is becoming louder, calling to be heard. Intuition and natural healing are partners on the same path of life, bringing people back into their hearts and the great wisdom that lives there. Yet their is a long road ahead I have been shown for the great  partnership of divine male (Divine Mind/Light) and divine female (Divine Heart/Love) to be fully restored.  Taking my new book Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals out into the world has provided me a direct look at the hesitancy that lingers within many in regards to trusting the Mother, nature and their intuition.  As all are components of natural and holistic healing and all are required in their successful application.

I delight in the knowing that we as a planet are returning to a state of Divine Polarity – Male and Female; Light and Love.  I rejoice every time a person turns to a plant, animal or mineral and says, “I see you and I honor your gifts to Life”.  May all be blessed on our return journey to Divine Balance and Harmony.  Om Shanti. 

– Kathryn Shanti Ariel