Desert Reverie

red tailed hawk in flight

Red-tailed Hawks calling in the background, Ishnahnay, Mitchell and I sit and listen. The breeze kisses our faces as it goes by, cooling our bodies which have grown warm on our walk under the partly cloudy ski. We have paused momentarily along our walk to be quiet and just relax in the stillness that the desert environment allows us.

Most days the essence of the desert is energetically a very quiet place. Due to the harshness of its environment life moves to a different beat than in other environments. Today is busier than most because yesterday we had a amazing rainstorm leaving puddles on the ground and plant live full vitality. Of course the storm also meant that most of the animals were inward and quiet, staying dry and out of the rain.  So today they are out in abundance making up for the day of rest, feeding their bodies and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

20150522_122619desert view frm bench

There are very few places to sit in the desert as there are not a lot of trees or boulders to rest oneself upon. But Ishnahnay, Mitchell and I have found an old paddock perhaps use for rounding up horses or cattle, it’s hard to say. It is now deserted.  Happily there still exists a somewhat tilted bench that the workers use to sit on for me to enjoy in a similar manner. A peaceful resting place with a beautiful view for this I am grateful.

I am also grateful that the activity of roundup here is a thing of the past. For I long in my heart a harmonious partnership with the animals. For all animals desire to be free once again and for all humanity to live in harmony with them. There are many who feel these days that this is not possible, however I disagree. Certainly it will require humans to live differently, and view nature differently. To embrace kinship with animals and the nature Kingdoms lovingly once again.

Like all relationships, this requires that humans be willing to compromise, to let go of the controls of past, to become stewards and guardians rather than being controllers and users. We are all one divine family and it is truly in my knowing that for the world to be fully at peace we as humans must choose peace with all life.  In this choice lies the blessings of knowing life in its true divine nature; its joy, peace and majesty.

Blessings be to everyone and everything … as we give blessings to Life, Life indeed will bless us in return. 

                            – KATHRYN SHANTI ARIEL