Age is But a Marker of Wisdom Within Us

Cantara Loop - Sacramento River

A Birthday Conversation

Tomorrow is my 60th birthday on the calendar of life as humans define it here on Earth. 60 years.  “One of the big ones”, a friend recently stated to me.  But what does our physical body’s age state really other than how long since the amazing journey through the birth canal occurred? 

Cantara Loop - Sacramento River

Surely it speaks of various life events, hurdles and victories that we may have experienced through the years.  In society, especially as a woman, 60 is a sign of moving into the physical, if not spiritual realm of being an elder.  Yet does our age truly define us as an individual?  No, not unless we allow it to do so.  There are so many statements that speak of what defines us, what makes us what we are: “we are what we eat”, “we create what we say, feel and vision”, “we are what we focus upon”, and one of my favorites “we are spirit in form on a journey of remembering home”.  I never remember hearing that we are our age. 

Of course this is largely because we are not our physical body, but rather a Divine Spirit utilizing it for an Earth experience to grow on our larger soul journey. So why do we as a species let age get us so excited or upset or depressed?  It is a phenomenon that I have often been perplexed about. My Mother was a wonderful example of living through her Spirit, not according to her age. When I was growing up and someone ask her age, she would say “29”. When she retired and someone asked her age it had moved to 39.  And there is stayed until the day she left her body which was in her 86th year. 

She would tell my friends and I, “it’s all attitude!”; adding emphasis that her family line got better as they got older. The only time I remember her admitting being over 55 was to get a senior discount of some sort (smile).  In those cases, practicality always won.

Mirrors aside, I feel just as young, if not younger or more youthful now than I did when I was just a young thing age wise.  This is my Spirit eternal expressing herself for me to feel.  Yet I understand the process of life experience that we are up to here on Earth.  For me, I understand that the journey is mostly about healing and returning to unity with the Divine expressed in form. 

When I am quiet and just breathing, I can feel the wisdom of the ages emanating through every cell of my body, within the essence of my subtle bodies and all the space in between.  It is here that I acknowledge my age.  But it is not an aging to see as dying, rather an aging that is becoming more and more alive and wise with each and every breath!  I love myself and my journey.  I encourage you to do the same.  And remember you are the creator of your life and world; you and your Divine higher power.

So enjoy your birthdays and every day in between. Here is a little ditty that may help:   I am the wisdom that I have gained. I release all trauma and all pain….

Namaste – Kathryn Shanti Ariel