President Lincoln Masked

What is the meaning of this masking of our beloved statue of President Lincoln?!

President Lincoln has always been a hero to me, and I am honored to live in a city and county named after this great man.  The beautiful statue of young Lincoln astride a horse diligently studying is a reminder of his dedication to knowledge that assisted him in becoming an eternal symbol of the right of freedom for all people.

In his famous Gettysburg address these words stand out now more than ever:

“… that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Upon seeing the mask on this beautiful symbolic statue, I was shocked.  It felt very clearly like a warning. Yet upon talking with my housemate we could see that the warning has two sides:

  • Are we being warned to be quiet and passive while our freedoms are taken away more and more each day? Or …
  • Is this a call to action to step up into our sovereignty, to say “I do not consent”, and to embody the Divinity of Light and Love that is the truth within each and every person and in all of Life?

I feel that it is both.  So while I appreciate the message of Lincoln wearing a mask while reading a book to gain knowledge I ask people of this great country of America, are we going to stand by and allow all of our freedoms to be taken away making it as though President Lincoln and all who have fought for freedom to have been in vain?

My answer is “No” I do not consent and I demand that the mask be removed NOW!

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of Freedom, Justice and Liberty for all people, for all of Life!

May the bells of Freedom ring!

~ Kathryn Shanti Ariel - The Nature Whisperer