All That is Not Love Must Leave

rainbow clouds
In this great time of change the following is one of my favorite decrees to think and speak either out loud or silently. It is all encompassing and has the power to set create great shifting for one and all. Om Shanti….
All that is not Divine Love must leave.
All that has left is now replaced with Divine Love, Light and the Holy Spirit/Sacred Fire of God.
When saying this decree, you can begin with your embodiment and then expand it to your family, home, city, state, country, all of Life in all forms. As you do see and feel the rainbow light of Creation pour into your body (mind, body, spirit) and out into all life, all of the planet in a clockwise swirl of positive change.
Blessings to everyone and everything.
I am including this photo as it contains some of these great energies through color for you to embody and share.
Mount Shasta at Christmas