Thanksgiving Gratitude and Request …

butterfly photo
butterfly photo
Butterflies are the totem of transformation ..

I am grateful to be held by the world in such a way that is forcing me to come heart to heart with my core belief(s) of abandonment and rejection. Doing so is exceedingly painful and empowering all at the same time.

My awareness is that releasing such core perceptions and beliefs is absolutely necessary to succeed in my (our) return to unity consciousness and divine right action here in body upon the Earth.

I forgive all those who continue to repeat old perceptions of me to themselves and others. I pray for everyone’s well being, that these people will let them go and embrace who I am and who they are in the moment. For in each moment we are new and different.

Repeating old stories is detrimental to everyone in these powerfully changing times. Let us all choose divine love and compassion and let the past indeed be in the past, releasing all fear and associated energies interwoven into these memories forever.


Om Shanti – Om Mani Padme Hum