Your True Nature is Calling You Home

The Light and Love of God are ever present within nature and her kingdoms.  In these challenging times, it is of utmost importance that we all remember our deep connection with Nature – that Nature lives within us as our minds, bodies and Spirits.  This is so, because Nature is Divine, always flowing with the Presence of God, the Divine, as are we.

When we truly understand and acknowledge our deep interconnection and interdependence on Nature the opportunity for us to make conscious choices for positive change opens.  Change within ourselves, in how we eat, speak, express our feelings.  Change within ourselves to choose to live in peace, harmony and partnership with Nature through wisdom.

So how do we make such changes? It has been my experience to first and foremost acknowledge that you are Spirit in form, and that all life on Earth is also Spirit in form.  Stand in front of a mirror.  Look into your eyes and tell youself that you Love yourself; your True Self. Breathe and say it again.  “I Love Myself”.  Next, say “I Forgive Myself”.

Then put your hands over your heart, first your right and then your left.  And repeat again, “I Love Myself and I Forgive Myself”.  Breathe. Repeat as many times as you feel is necessary for you in that moment to fully drop into your body and feel the unity of your Spirit with your form. 

 Now, look into the eyes of an animal.  The animal can be present with you, or in a photograph, as photographs are long know to capture the Spirit of those in the picture. Breathe, drop into your heart, and once again look deeply into the eyes of the Soul that is that Being. Repeat, “I Love You, Please Forgive Me, We are One”, and breathe. Again, put your hands on your heart, breathe and repeat, “I Love You, Please Forgive Me, We are One”. 

You can also do this exercise with plants by holding a leaf or flower in your hands, or looking at its photograph.  And remember the elements, earth, water, air, fire and minerals/crystals.  Dr. Emoto blessed the world with visual proof that the elements of water hear and response to energy, to words.  Earth is a water planet and all bodies contain or interact with water.  There is consciousness in air, fire and earth as well, and thus in your body as well as your Spirit.  And in the body and Spirit of all of Life.  
Your True Nature Is Calling You Home – Home to the Interconnection to All Life
Are You Ready to Say Yes?
~ Kathryn Shanti Ariel
The Nature Whisperer