Living Without Walls – Global Balancing of Karma


This morning as I conversed with someone (Patricia of Sacred Stories Publishing) about creating a Living Without Walls Pod Cast, I received an awareness of yet another puzzle piece regarding the great displacement of humanity that is currently underway on our planet. There is no doubt that there are many reasons for this occurring, however as I received this vision my body responded in a deep and profound way, consciously awakening on a cellular level to the great importance of reestablishing the great diversity of planet life that was originally present upon Earth before we as a race modified so drastically it for our own temporary gain.

Here is what I received:

Regarding Living Without Walls as a Pod Cast, let me know your feelings on how to proceed.  I have several new posts to ad to my blog and am now also seeing a weaving of the importance of humanity returning the Garden of Eden (so to speak) to our beloved Earth through planting food, medicine plants and other components. This process will aid in bringing harmony into the great displacement of humans and other life and allowing everyone to thrive while living through the home that is within our hearts, no matter where our physical forms may be at any given time.

Earthwise Institute is destined to include a major component whose name is “Healing Gardens of America” which is a template of restoration of life in Divine Harmony through the creation of gardens planted consciously with the intention of feeding all life physically, mentally and spiritually.

As  I am writing this to you, I am receiving a  download that part of the great human displacement is the karmic balancing of the great disruption that humans’ actions towards nature and the great displacement we have caused them is being corrected.  The beauty of it is that it is also opening the inner and outer doorway to our coming home into our hearts and restoring harmony to all life at the same time. Consciousness is on the move!

Lake Siskiyou bridge through the pines

This information given to me is opening a much greater awareness of both my journey into Living Without Walls and my great drive to be a loving force to have the great diversity of plant life returned to the Earth as food, medicine and beauty for the blessings of all life.  Natural habitat destruction has displaced wildlife in the billions for years. 

It did so also to the Indigenous people’s who were living in harmony with the Earth.  Now humans are getting to participate in the energetic balancing at the same time as the great awakening and shift from the old paradigm of separation to the new one of harmony is underway.  We are on the bridge as a race and as a planet. As we individually and collectively realize that by restoring Earth’s plant diversity in natural harmony allows all life to thrive, a great doorway of healing for all is opening.

This doorway is the rainbow bridge of Heaven to Earth and Earth as Heaven. 

Om Mani Padme Hum … Om Shanti.


What Can You Do to Help?

Be the change you wish to see. Think Johnny Appleseed. Think the more food and medicine and beauty that is growing the more all life will prosper.

  • When you see your garden, and plants that grow in your neighborhood, say thank you for coming to them.
  • Learn what is medicine and/or food.  So much of the native food/medicine that joyfully attempts to grow in our gardens, farms and wild places are ignored or killed as weeds rather than embraced in gratitude.
  • When planting gardens for home, business, community, or mitigating wild places, focus on diversity of food and medicine. Plant with the idea of sharing, of all life thriving – human, animal and  plant.  Be generous.  Embrace the joy of plenty!
  • Creating community gardens?  Plant 1/4 for the wildlife and give them access or take the bounty directly or through feeders (birds, etc) or take it out to nature if your gardens are not accessible to the wild ones.
  • Share with the homeless, the food banks, meals on wheels and more. 
  • Plan your gardens with neighbors to ensure there is great diversity which also brings communities together through sharing and allows for those without homes to enjoy the bounty as well.

Let’s make foraging and thriving a way of life on the planet once again …