Your True Nature is Calling You Home

The Light and Love of God are ever present within nature and her kingdoms.  In these challenging times, it is of utmost importance that we all remember our deep connection with Nature – that Nature lives within us as our minds, bodies and Spirits.  This is so, because Nature is Divine, always flowing with the Presence of God, the Divine, as are we. When we truly understand and acknowledge our deep interconnection and interdependence on Nature the opportunity for us to make conscious choices for positive change opens.  Read More

Thanksgiving Gratitude and Request …

I am grateful to be held by the world in such a way that is forcing me to come heart to heart with my core belief(s) of abandonment and rejection. Doing so is exceedingly painful and empowering all at the same time. My awareness is that releasing such core perceptions and beliefs is absolutely necessary to succeed in my (our) return to unity consciousness and divine right action here in body upon the Earth. I forgive all those who continue to repeat old perceptions of me to themselves Read More