Listening ….

Pyramid Lake - Listening

Sitting on the shoreline of Pyramid Lake I close my eyes to allow my senses of hearing and feeling be primary in my interface with nature and with the greater divine presence surrounding us.  Breathing, I go inward. Yet at the same time I open my heart and hearing.  Listening and being inwardly still.

The sound of the water caressing the sand dominates the soundscape. In the background is the sound of lone cars in the highway.

Beating again I tune my awareness to the voices of the birds …pelicans, grebes, gulls, kill Dees,  dominate. Quieter is the sound the breeze makes as it brushes against the sand, my skin and clothes.

My mind is quiet but I notice my body is tense in places.Fear based energies and stress expressing in my shoulders and back. I smile and send the energy love. I call in the Sacred Fire and dove of peace. Breathing my body releases and relaxes.

All the while the water caresses the shore. Water, the emotional body of Earth. I send the water within my body and everywhere on Earth my love. .. divine love. In so doing I feel the same love sent to me in return. 

The birds sing chorus in the background. I open my eyes and take in the beautiful landscape.  All is peace. I am grateful.