About Emmaray

Hello.  My name is Kathryn Shanti Ariel, and I am a writer, educator, photographer, and most importantly a bridge between Mother Nature and the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms with humanity. 

My educational and experiential background is a combination of nature, biological and holistic/medical studies, combined with computer technology and the arts.  I weave my love of Nature and the ability to communicate with her into everything that I create and share.

I interface with the world primarily through my feeling body, putting me in the category (if you must) of one who is an empath or sensitive.  To me, this is a great blessing as my senses along with my heart/mind connection allow me to have a greater awareness and loving relationship with Nature and the world of innocents.

To date I have authored and published one book “Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals”, and two, actually three more are in the works.

I am also the founder of the newly created nonprofit Earthwise Institute and am developing programs for it as well and developing and sharing more products and programs through The Nature Whisperer: https://www.thenaturewhisperer.com.

Thank you for connecting with me through my website. You can also find me on Facebook, Linked In and Instagram. 

Blessings to you in all things. Namaste.