My Birthday Gratitude Note 2016

Christmas Splendor

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude … I am so grateful to be alive and to once again to be embracing my mastery through joy. This past year has been one of the most challenging ones of my life thus far.

“When you love deep enough, grief is your gift” … Matt Kahn from Embracing Your Humanity

This year has been filled with beauty, with exquisite landscapes, grace filled magic, and grief beyond imagination in many ways. The grief I am understanding more has been my letting go of an idea of what my life was going to be like. Allowing these ideas to be burned away through grief is opening me to something new and beyond my ability to see. This is true for everyone. Grief burns away attachments that so longer serve our highest journey.

By loosing everything we are often opening ourselves to gain everything. I am grateful too that in this year of life I my health has improved and my overall being has become stronger and yet more vulnerable at the same time.

Ishnahnay and me March 6thI am so grateful to all who have assisted Ishnahnay and me in our journey this far and welcome the kindness of others to continue in our lives through the Love and Light that we truly all are.

Thank you to my beautiful parents for being the vehicles of birthing me into this world again. Thank you to my sisters Melinda and Pamela for being two of my greatest adversaries and greatest friends at the same time.

Thank you to God/Goddess in all life whose beauty, power and blessings can bring me back to joy from any place of despair. My innate essence is Joy and when I am truly in my Divine Power expressing the Will of Creation through my form, Joy is its energy.

It is my choice Now and forward to be the expression of my True Self (Joy) as I was when a child walking the world with smiling and laughing, seeing the divinity in all things.

Big hugs of LOVE to all my friends, family and to Life itself! Happy Birthday to one and all