The Lion and the Lamb – The Vegan Influence (I)

Lion and the Lamb

… and the Lion and the Lamb Shall Lie Down Together …

  Peace. The world is calling for Peace. Peace, love & harmony.  Not just between people, but between and within all of life, all kingdoms.  The call is being made from every kingdom of Life.  Be still and listen.  It is like an aching of the heart.  An aching for something we knew long ago, and will know once again through our choices and actions.  Listen.  Peace is calling you home.

As part of this global journey, Earth’s animal kingdom is asking for her freedom from slavery and servitude to humans.  The next level of abolition of slavery is underway, and the primary tool for its accomplishment is through the changing of human diet from omnivore to vegetarian and then to vegan.  The energy of war is held in the killing of the animals and it is then transferred to human bodies who kill and consume them.  Thus perpetuating the cycle of violence. The scientific documentation of this fact is well distributed in medical and holistic wellness journals and books.  

But there is more.  The conversation of choosing peace goes much beyond our own individual health.  Choosing vegetarian and then vegan diets allow the animal kingdom to have peace once again for themselves as well.

 John Robbins – A Diet for a New America : Just by being more conscious of what we eat, we can heal ourselves, we can heal the environment, we can heal this planet.

The incredible river of blood that we as humans create every day through the killing of animals for food and other uses, flows into the Earth, into the water, and the cries of pain and suffering from the animals fills the air waves of Heaven and Earth.   How can we truly say we love animals, if we are constantly killing them for our own purposes despite their wishes that we stop?   The law of harmlessness has been spoken of and practiced by many of the great teachers that have walked the Earth, calling us back to LOVE, LIGHT and Peace. These teachers have all known that the killing and eating of animals goes against God/Goddess in every level of Life.  

But what is more, is that in the beginning of Earth’s existence, before humans chose to fall into separation and all that came after that, the animals and humans – all of life – walked in peace and harmony upon the Earth living off of Light Prana and the sweet plants who came here to sustain life and be of service in this way.  The animals know this, and they are asking us to remember and free them to rise out of the violence and return to peace themselves.

Photo: Take each day as it comes. Try to eat all raw fruits and vegetables that day. The next day, try again. Keep trying until you have eaten all raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables for five days straight. Feel the difference between all raw and just some cooked foods. The difference is like night and day.

  We the people fell and took all of the planet with us.  Down into separation and servitude.  But now we are choosing to rise again back into unity, back to living through Presence, LOVE, LIGHT, Peace and Harmony.   The abolition of slavery and servitude of the animal kingdom is a next major step.

 It will be accomplished through humans and their companion animals becoming vegetarian and then vegan.   It is a process of reeducating our bodies into plant and Prana based diets.  It is a glorious journey.  One that allows more and more peace and Light to enter your body, sending the fear, the violence, the need to dominate on its way.  Replacing these energies with Freedom, Peace and Harmony and greater health for all. 

Choosing vegetarian and then vegan living is an incredible journey of empowerment.  Empowerment for you and empowerment for Earth and her kingdoms.   Do you truly wish for global peace?  Then begin your journey into vegetarian/vegan living today, and hear the song of freedom coming from the animal kingdom and all of life!  You have enormous support from Heaven and Earth.  Sending you LOVE!


Author : Kathryn Shanti Ariel This is part I of many related articles to come on the subject of vegan living and freeing the animal kingdom from slavery.  Om Shanti.  Namaste.