I Dream of Peace and Harmony

Cantara Loop - Sacramento River

Cantara Loop - Sacramento River

The Sacramento River flows by me as I sit upon a glorious rock and behold the fall colors beginning to unfold around me. The reflections of the stonewalls and plants that grow along them create a dreamy vision of peace, harmony and co-creation.

I dream of peace and harmony


Looking to the sky above the harmony turns to hostility and a need to control nature. Bio engineering – chemtrails – turn the beautiful blue sky to poisonous white clouds.

I dream of rainbows of Sacred Fire cleaning Earth’s skies, water, earth & all of life. I see the Earth purified and at peace once again.

The sound of the river flowing calms my body as I visit with the native elders and elementals who show me their Presence in the stones and water. I am grateful. Change is comingthey say.

I call forth peace, harmony, and the Divine resurrection of all life once again . May all be blessed.

May the entire human race seize its struggle against nature and at long last choose to LOVE life and co-create in Divine Right Action and Divine Joy Now. It is time. There is nothing more to learn from struggle and fear.

I hear the cries of nature for peace to be the way of all life again. Peace, Freedom, Harmony and Joy. I dream this dream for all of Life

I Am the Resurrection and the Life.
I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
I AM an Open Door that no one can shut
I am the Light, the LOVE, and the Sacred Fire of Mother/Father/God that is always Victorious!

May the Dove of Peace Descend into all Life, into everything of Earth and forever remain victorious! So Be it! Thank you! It is so done!

I sit now in silence and listen to the voice of nature speaking to me. The voice of of hope. The voice of faith. The voice of LOVE. Closing my eyes and breathing, I say good-bye for now. Yet as I walk back down the trail, all that is nature joins me in my heart. I dream of peace and harmony for all. Namaste.