Living Without Walls (5) A side note

Divine Balance and Grace
I oftentimes look to the swans for grace when having a challenging day. Today was one of the most challenging for me in months.
When Ishnahnay and I had temporary housing I was able to get my income moving in an upward direction. Hope grew within me and the idea of having our own home again soon also grew.
But now we are camping again and for a while today my hope turned to despair. I have applied for an apartment in town that would be big enough for Ishnahnay and me and affordable too. But the owner wants proof of income double the rent.
These past couple of months have been so filled with moving and disruption that my income has gone down instead of up. I know this is temporary, but try explaining that to a stranger who is looking after his own interest (understandably so)…. I have applied for 3 jobs and not even gotten an interview. So again, I look to my freelancing business as my income focus while figuring out how to have a regular job, no home and how to keep Ishnahnay safe at the same time.
I know in my heart there is a solution for us! And at the same time, I am tired and even a bit disoriented from all the moving. These are powerful lessons, and I know that without Ishnahnay as a lifeline I would have given up a long time ago.
Perhaps putting a donation button on my personal website will open new doors for assistance. I am so very ready to have a tangible home again. God grant me the blessings to make it so! <3
I am so very grateful to one and all who are assisting (not rescuing) us to take the next best step, each and every day. Blessings to one and all!
~Kathryn Shanti Ariel
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