Letter of Intention for Holistic Animal Care Position


Kathryn Shanti ArielKathryn Shanti Ariel and Ishnahnay at Cantara Loop for web

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To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Kathryn Shanti Ariel.  I am the author of Holistic Emergency Care and Trauma Recovery for Animals and a long-time advocate for animals, for Mother Nature, holistic healing and sustainable and conscious living.   In addition to being an intuitive healer and communicator, I also have a broad background in holistic healing modalities as can be seen in my book.  I walk at this time with a wolfdog named Ishnahnay (Bright Morning Star).  She is the third wolfdog that has walked with me, bringing her wisdom and great caring for children and other animals into the work that we do together.

As you can see from my Animal Care Trauma Recovery and Intuitive Communication resume, I have considerable experience working directly with animals and also as an educator.  My great understanding of the gifts that animals bring to the planet fuels my deep love and appreciation for them and the wisdom that they bring to us.  In addition to my published book, I am now writing others including Wolfdog Diaries, A Conscious Communication with Nature.  This book will bring forth a conversation from and about animals and nature as a whole; how we can commune with them more consciously by understanding our interconnectiveness and vibrations of communication.

As part of our world service, Ishnahnay and I are currently opening to the possibility of obtaining a work-trade for housing position with an animal rescue and educational center or organization somewhere in the United States or Canada.  I am willing to offer my skills with animals directly as an intuitive communicator and healer as well as my abilities as a writer, public speaker and computer consultant.  Ishnahnay participates through her own wisdom and ability to work with people and other animals that have been traumatized, aiding them in coming back into a place of confidence.

My life journey thus far testifies to the fact that I am as at home in nature and working with animals as I am in front of a computer and have great work and life experience doing both, and as such have much to contribute to the right organization.  This dual skill set has been put to use over the years in my work with the Sierra Club, Project Wildlife, Ariel’s Natural Animal Care, educational writing, one on one trauma recovery and more.  I have great people skills and both Ishnahnay and I are great with working on teams to accomplish particular goals.  It is the way of the wolf to work as a pack, and my life experience has more often than not been as part of a team of people and animals combining their efforts and wisdom for a common goal.

In summary, this is an exciting time for Ishnahnay and me as we have sent our most recent trauma recovery (Mitchell) to his forever home, freeing us up to step into this new and greater service roll.  We are ready to join in a harmonious relationship with the right organization and delight in the work trade option for housing.   We are willing to work part-time for the housing trade and additional hours for monetary compensation if that is for everyone’s highest benefit.

If having read this letter and my resume you feel the desire to communicate with me on the possibility of our working together, please contact me.  Ishnahnay and I both look forward to hearing from you and are ready to step into this new journey right away. Here is my basic contact information.  More details can be found on my resume.  Thank you! Namaste.


Blessings of Harmony,

Kathryn Shanti Ariel







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