All That is Not Love Must Leave

In this great time of change the following is one of my favorite decrees to think and speak either out loud or silently. It is all encompassing and has the power to set create great shifting for one and all. Om Shanti….   All that is not Divine Love must leave. All that has left is now replaced with Divine Love, Light and the Holy Spirit/Sacred Fire of God. AMEN!   When saying this decree, you can begin with your embodiment and then expand it to your family, Read More

Sweet Innocence – The Gifts We Share

Notes Along the Way Portland Ballioon Festival the morning after Ishnahnay and I arrived at our new home with Janet (The Intuitive Nutritionista) and Bruce Doerr. These sweet angels meet at the Balloon Festival and were walking ahead of Janet Doerr and me on our path back to the car. Such exquisite energy of innocence and carefree friendship. <3   Ishnahnay and I are experiencing meeting many new people everyday and allowing ourselves to follow the energy exemplified by these children. I encourage everyone to meet heart to Read More